Village Hall Hire Conditions.


Tupton village hall is an independently managed and self financing charity (charity number 520528) it exists to support local community groups and to enable the delivery of professional and charitable services to the people of Tupton. Please treat the premises with care and respect.

The Tupton Village Hall Management Committee is hereinafter described as TVHMC.

All previous terms and conditions of hire are revoked.

TVHMC reserve the right to refuse hire to any party without explanation.

Hire is not available to persons under 21 years of age.

The terms and conditions of hire shall not be amended by the exclusion of any constituent part, and shall apply to every hire agreement without exception. The hirer(s) shall sign acceptance of the terms and conditions of hire prior to the completion of any hire agreement.

TVHMC reserves the right to cancel at any time any hire agreement at their discretion, and will give the hirer(s) as much notice as is possible given the circumstances prevailing at the time, and will refund any hire fees paid. Nevertheless, TVHMC shall not except any responsibility for any loss to the hirer(s) which may be sustained by such cancellation and no claim for compensation will be entertained whatsoever.

The charge for hire shall be in accordance with the scale of charges for the time being in force. TVHMC reserve the right to adjust charges after 28 days notice has been given.

The NEDDC controlled bar can be hired for a modest extra charge.

The balance of any outstanding hire shall be paid at the latest 7 days before the date of hire. Failing this, the hire may be declared null and void and any monies paid as a deposit may be retained by TVHMC in compensation for loss of business.

On signing the hire agreement, the hirer shall pay in cash (personal cheques not acceptable)
   a) the hire charge in full, or
   b) a non-returnable deposit of not less than 50 % of the hire charge
   c) A returnable bond as insurance against damage to the premises during the hire period.

The licensed capacity of the hall, or part thereof, shall not be exceeded. In the interest of health and safety the hirer(s) shall supply, on demand, a record of the number of persons in attendance.

The hirer(s) shall be in attendance throughout the hire period and shall be responsible for ensuring that the terms and conditions of hire are complied with. The person in charge is responsible for making sure good order and decent behaviour is maintained on the premises.

The hirer(s) shall be responsible for: It is a licensing condition that during the period of hire whilst music is playing doors and windows must be kept closed. Failure to comply with any licensing condition will result in immediate closure of the hall.

TVHMC shall not be responsible for loss or damage, howsoever caused, to any goods or property brought into the hall, or for any property left in the hall by the hirer(s) or by those in attendance, or for the death or personal injury caused to the hirer(s) or to any person attending a function arranged by the hirer(s) unless the death or personal injury is caused by the negligence of TVHMC, its officers or representatives.

The hirer(s) is advised to arrange suitable insurance against loss, damage or liability arising from any claim(s) made against the hirer(s).

The hirer(s) shall confine all activity to the purpose of the hire during the hire period, and shall not allow any activity or inappropriate behaviour which puts at risk the health and safety of those in attendance.

TVHMC reserves the right for its representative(s) to have reasonable access during any period of hire for the purposes of ensuring that these terms and conditions are met.

The hall is available for hire between 9am until midnight, Monday to Saturday, and on Sundays from 10am until 10pm. However, these hours may be subject to Variation according to public license restrictions depending on the nature of the hire.

All music must cease 15 minutes before the end of the hire period. The bar is available subject to licensing conditions and according to the nature of the hire.

At times when the bar is in use, only alcohol purchased from the bar may be consumed on the premises. Alternative arrangements for the consumption of alcohol on the premises must be made with TVHMC.

The hall is not available for hire on Christmas day or Boxing Day. Christmas Eve dates and New Years Eve dates are excluded from normal hire agreements, and are only available by separate agreement.

When the hall manager is not on the premises the hirer(s) is the person(s) in charge. The person in charge must know how to evacuate the premises and know how to use fire fighting equipment.

No tape is to be used for fixing decorations or banners, use the hooks provided or Blue tack.

The hirer(s) must clean up the premises before the end of the hire period.

Evidence of the following behaviour will automatically result in forfeiture of the whole of the bond:

Useful telephone numbers.

Hall manager and hire: A. Myronko/M. Swift: 07841 785026

Clay Cross division: 01246250101
Chesterfield division: 01246220100

Emergency services: Dial 999 and request service

Complaints: Please address any complaints in writing to the chairperson, Tupton Village Hall Management Committee.

Please take care of our village hall.