Tupton Parish Council.

Tupton Parish Council is made up of 11 local people elected by the local community every four years.

Council meetings are normally held on the third thursday in the month, with the exception of August. All meetings are held in Tupton Village Hall and start at 7pm. All meetings are open to the public with provision made at the start of each meeting for residents of the Parish to ask questions or raise matters of concern.

The purpose of the Council is to represent the interests of the whole community. They do this through their involvement in a range of local groups, direct contact with local people and wide ranging consultations with the local community.

The Council has responsibility for maintaining and improving public land and open spaces within the Parish. In addition to this it also has some responsibilities for maintaining allotments, bus shelters, seats and ensuring the cleanliness of the community. The Council also acts as the custodian trustee for Tupton Village Hall.

The council employs a Clerk, Premises Manager, Assistant Premises Manager and a Handyman/Street-sweeper.

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